Energy medicine from the indian astrologer in melbourne

Professor Sriwathsal Ji is an Indian Astrologer in Melbourne, Australia. He practices Astrology to cure people through positive energy. Energy medicine is a branch of astrology where healers can channel positive energy into the patient. It has shown many positive results. The energies are called the positive vibration waves and the astrologers use them to treat the people who need spiritual healing. The solutions are provided in the ancient book of solutions also called the ‘laal kitaab’. It has been prominently practiced in the world to provide instant solutions to people and make their professional& personal life easy. Best psychic in Melbourne is Sriwathsal Ji who has treated more than 1500 clients from all over the world and has 25 years of experience.


The best spiritual healer in Melbourne seems to challenge and has proven the cure of many health issues including the mental and unrecoverable diseases of the people.  These astrological concepts continue to inspire people in the new age. Thousands of devices have claimed to get healed by the accepted or actual energies. They are used worldwide.

Pandit Ji is believed to be the best spiritual healer in Melbourne who connects with the mind, body, and soul of a person. By connecting with the person, he can study the will of the soul. The knowledge of karma makes him prepare easy solutions for the people. The expert can also prepare the natal charts based on the date and time of the person. The Indian astrologer Melbourne has provided people with instant and quick solutions.

Sriwathsal Ji believes in privacy and keeps all the information hence shared private and confidential. Spiritual healing takes place within a traditional or an astrological religious context. It is a vibrational play of energies that cannot be seen but felt by the other person. Astrologer sends his positive vibes and heals the aura around the soul.


Astrologer Sriwathsal Ji conducts spiritual healing sessions in a small dark room. The room is lighted with candles which provides the divine aura around. After organizing the room, he would sit next to the concerned individual.

The individual would be in control of the astrologer Ji and he would directly connect with the body first. The connection with the body would help him reach the mind. After Sriwathsal Ji has connected with the mind and body he would reach the soul. The mind is where the soul resides. The soul is the purest form and part of God. The connection enables Pandit Ji to heal and cure the aura around from outside and inside.

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