Vedic astrology is an old practice that was first developed in India. It involves practicing the astrological solutions from the laal kitaab and aiding people suffering from personal as well as professional life conflicts. Astrologers are a way through which we can have all the answers. Sriwathsal Ji is one such Indian Astrologer in Melbourne who has great psychic powers and heals people instantly by connecting with their souls.

With a strong base of more than 1500 trusted clients, astrologer in Australia, Sriwathsal works on the trust and loyalty from his clients and has experience of more than 25 years and counting. Book a session with the intuitive person and you will know how little you know about life.


Astrologer Sriwathsal is a spiritual reader and conducts the sessions of top psychics reading Melbourne. He gives 100% accuracy and solves the problems at ease. Sriwathsal Ji, Indian Pandit in Melbourne says that the horoscope represents the combination of the energy system with the nine planets and Rahu & Ketu. Any imbalance of the planetary and cosmic energies in a natal chart would create a need for seeking solutions to balance out the energy. Hence this is when the astrological remedies would aid a person to give out a result.

Humans make a lot of mistakes in his or her lifetime. We suffer due to our desires and greed. The past life karma also influences this life to a big extent. Hence the fruits are served accordingly. The negative influence in the horoscope is attained due to this reason. The troubles and unfulfilled zone are hence created in the natal charts due to this reason. This can be understood as a negative imbalance in the natal chart and can be helped by Vedic remedies. These solutions can help by making the planets strong or weak in your natal chart. The astrologer gives solutions based on that.

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Energy medicine from the indian astrologer in melbourne

Professor Sriwathsal Ji is an Indian Astrologer in Melbourne, Australia. He practices Astrology to cure people through positive energy. Energy medicine is a branch of astrology where healers can channel positive energy into the patient. It has shown many positive results. The energies are called the positive vibration waves and the astrologers use them to treat the people who need spiritual healing. The solutions are provided in the ancient book of solutions also called the ‘laal kitaab’. It has been prominently practiced in the world to provide instant solutions to people and make their professional& personal life easy. Best psychic in Melbourne is Sriwathsal Ji who has treated more than 1500 clients from all over the world and has 25 years of experience.


The best spiritual healer in Melbourne seems to challenge and has proven the cure of many health issues including the mental and unrecoverable diseases of the people.  These astrological concepts continue to inspire people in the new age. Thousands of devices have claimed to get healed by the accepted or actual energies. They are used worldwide.

Pandit Ji is believed to be the best spiritual healer in Melbourne who connects with the mind, body, and soul of a person. By connecting with the person, he can study the will of the soul. The knowledge of karma makes him prepare easy solutions for the people. The expert can also prepare the natal charts based on the date and time of the person. The Indian astrologer Melbourne has provided people with instant and quick solutions.

Sriwathsal Ji believes in privacy and keeps all the information hence shared private and confidential. Spiritual healing takes place within a traditional or an astrological religious context. It is a vibrational play of energies that cannot be seen but felt by the other person. Astrologer sends his positive vibes and heals the aura around the soul.


Astrologer Sriwathsal Ji conducts spiritual healing sessions in a small dark room. The room is lighted with candles which provides the divine aura around. After organizing the room, he would sit next to the concerned individual.

The individual would be in control of the astrologer Ji and he would directly connect with the body first. The connection with the body would help him reach the mind. After Sriwathsal Ji has connected with the mind and body he would reach the soul. The mind is where the soul resides. The soul is the purest form and part of God. The connection enables Pandit Ji to heal and cure the aura around from outside and inside.

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Professor Sriwathsal Ji – The Best Psychic Reader in Melbourne

Professor Sriwathsal Ji is a professional astrologer in Victoria. His powerful remedies can change your life and make you feel secured and safe in his guidance.  No matter what a person thinks and undergoes, psychic reading can change their lives to a major extent and predictions can be very alerting for the person. One such kind of force in the world is the existence of black magic in a person’s life. Professor Sriwathsal Ji who is a professional astrologer in Melbourne says spiritual state of the person can majorly vary and make the person optimist or a pessimist. It really depends upon the environment and the conditions.

Professor Sriwathsal ji is the astrology reading in Melbourne and he claims that palm reading is a blessed art which can save the person from the curse of black magic and influence of the evil eye. Get rid of black magic as everything unusual or strange you feel is always because your mind is lost. All Black Magic curses can be removed from a person’s life permanently with the assistance of Pt. Sriwathsal Ji’s best Indian astrologer in Victoria.

How can palmistry and palm reading help the person?

Palmistry is one of the most precise and accurate parts of astrology that has carved a special place for itself across continents, cultures, and countries over the course of many centuries. Palmistry refers to the science that deals with the study of the lines, mounts, color, and shape of a person’s palm.

Professor Sriwathsal ji is the person who can help you with his palm reading. He believes that the perfect study of these palm lines may result into many important changes in a person’s life. You must contact Professor Sriwathsal ji through his online and offline medium. He is the one who is an experienced palm reader and soothsayer.

In Australia, our Vedic astrologer Professor Sriwathsal Ji comes from India and from a family where his father and ancestors have been given the class name not only as astrologers but also as healers, gurus, and pandits. He learned many techniques of astrology from them and was inspired to improve people’s lives. His immense interest in astrology makes him different from others; he is the one who believes in true treatment and original statements.

To avail his best astrology services, you may contact Professor Sriwathsal Ji on his website. Book an appointment with him and get rid of all your problems.

Bring Your Life Back on Track With Astrology And Its Many Mediums

From as long as time can tell, the powers of black magic have been known to bring many destructions and damages into human life. When we are talking about black magic, we are talking about the use of black and evil energies from one person to another intending to bring harm and damages into the other person life. Our black magic expert in Melbourne, Professor Sriwathsal Ji claims that for a person to live a happy and complete existence it is essential that this curse is removed from their life.

Talking about black magic and its many adverse effects in the life of a person, Professor Sriwathsal Ji, our black magic specialist in Melbourne claims that a person who is under the curse of black magic is sure to go through many types of problems and challenges. For one they are always in a state of fear anxiety and a lot of cases even depression. They fail to find positivity in any part of their being and are always surrounded by negativity in all aspects of their being. They prefer staying alone and in complete isolation. People under the curse of black magic have also been known to suffer from many types of physical problems as well. They suffer from insomnia, face severe body aches and pains. In a lot of cases, people suffering from back magic have also been known to go the extent of not just hurting themselves but also commit suicide.

Therefore, it becomes extremely essential that the right means are found with the help of which they can find their way out of this problems and resume a normal way of life again.

Some of the most effective and efficient means of astrology used by Professor Sriwathsal Ji for black magic removal in Melbourne are those of Spiritual healing, Psychic reading, Vastu shastra, Grah Shanti Poojas, Performing Indian poojas etc.

If you feel that things are happening in your life without any reason and that you are no longer in control over the various aspects of your being, then its time for you to get in touch with Professor Sriwathsal Ji.

Let the Power of Astrology Bring Peace and Prosperity in Your Life

Professor Sriwathsal Ji: the best Vedic astrologer in Melbourne

In times of hardships and difficulties, we all look for that one source who has the power to reduce our pains, keep us motivated and show us the path to light again. If you and your loved ones are facing any kind of crisis in any aspect of your life, get in touch with Professor Sriwathsal Ji, our best Vedic astrologer in Melbourne today and find the most effective and efficient solutions for all the pains and problems in your life. Hailing from India and coming from a background of many generations of guru’s pandits and psychic readers, Professor Sriwathsal Ji has been in the field of astrology from as long as he can remember. He says for him, it is not just a mere profession but a gift and a blessing which further enables him to be of service to mankind.

How can astrology be helpful in leading a good quality of life?

If you are someone who has never experienced the powers and wonders of astrology before, then clearly the magnitude of this science will always seem like a case of fuss to you. But once you have experienced the strength and power this science holds to bring magic and changes in the life of a person, your perception is sure to change forever. Astrology can be rightly explained as that part of the ancient Indian scriptures and the Vedas which deals with the study of the positions and the movements of the sun, the moon and the planets and their impact on the human existence. Every day, every hour and every minute of our life is the direct result of the way our stars move. with the help of our best psychic reader in Melbourne and his expertise and mastery in its various mediums, you can bring balance and harmony to your life and open the doors to happiness and prosperity.

Psychic reading is a powerful tool that consists of many divisions which target the life of a person from every possible angle and helps them to understand and analyze the root cause of the various situation in their life. if you feel that you are failing to understand the reasons behind the various situations in your life, be it related to your relationships, marriage, separation or those related to your work, career and professional front or even related to your health or any other kinds of problems and addictions, get in touch with our black magic expert in Melbourne who can be extremely elemental in helping you to get rid of all these problems.

There is no point in suffering and wasting your life in pains and misery when with the help of Professor Sriwathsal Ji and his astrology services Melbourne you can change the meaning of your existence forever.

The Magic of the Vedas and Astrology – Best Vedic Astrologer in Melbourne

Astrology is not really something that needs introduction for this age-old science has become an integral part of the lives of not just the traditional man but for people from every generation. Its accuracy and proficiency in being the guiding light has been a major source of happiness and prosperity in the life of millions of people all around the world. One of the Best Vedic Astrologer in Victoria, Professor Sriwathsal Ji with his knowledge and wisdom in this field has created an aced and class part name for himself not just in Vedic astrology but its many mediums.

For those who are not well acquainted with the name of astrology, it is the study or rather the science which deals with the positions and the movements of the celestial bodies and their impact on the human existence. Jyotish or the Vedic astrology is the ancient astrology of India. This science referring to the science of light is like a torch that helps a person see clearly what lies in their past present and future. For thousands of years now people have been consulting our Best Vedic astrologer in Melbourne to find out about the different aspects of their life such as when will they get married, if they have health and wealth in their life, if they will have an happy existence and so on. This fantastic science has been further classified into various other sections to ensure a complete and thorough understanding and analysis of the human life. Some of the most effective and efficient forms of Vedic astrology used for Top Astrology in Melbourne are those of Palmistry, Face Reading, Vastu Shastra, Removal of Black Magic and Evil Spirits, Spiritual Healing, etc.

Professor Sriwathsal Ji with his Best Astrology in Melbourne has been a remarkable source of inspiration and motivation to thousands of people in different parts of the world to give themselves another chance when they thought that they had failed permanently. He has been like that ray of hope that has pulled them out in the light and paved way for a happy and prosperous tomorrow. With his expertise and proficiency in astrology and its various mediums, he continues to serve people selflessly and effortlessly with a mission of making this world a pain-free and stress-free place. Get in touch with our Holy Spirit today and bid farewell to all your problems.

Black Magic Removal from your life with the Best Indian Astrologer in Melbourne

If you are searching for the best Vedic Astrologer offering best astrology services in Melbourne, look no further for your search ends with Professor Sriwathsal ji. Having been in the field of astrology and spiritual healing from many decades, he is by all means is one of the most trusted and famous psychic reader in Melbourne.

Black Magic Removal in Melbourne

Black magic is a curse which can leave a dark shadow on every aspect of your life. Be it your relationships , your career, education, financial issues or interpersonal relationships, this malicious practice leaves no part of your life from getting completely damaged and destroyed. Black magic is an ancient technique which is used for controlling a person’s soul, mind and body for malicious and selfish purposes. It is performed by tantric or people who have proficiency in this field. Black magic is like that dangerous diseases which if not cured on time can result in the extreme situations causing even the death of an individual. Professor Sriwathsal ji an expert at the field of black magic removal in Melbourne and has helped many people in getting out of the firm grip of this problem. Some of the most common symptoms of people under the black magic spell are

  • Acute headache, body pain mostly backache
  • Lack of concentration and focus
  • Loss of memory
  • A feeling of constant fear and insecurity.
  • Decline is business and sudden loss in money and rise of debts.
  • Depression
  • Having negative thoughts and feelings etc.

If you or your family members are suffering from any of the above traits and are facing a major crisis in life and are unwell and unhappy all the time , it’s time for you to contact Professor Sriwathsal ji providing the best astrology services in Melbourne today and find a permanent solution to all your problems.

We know that life is a never ending struggle, a challenge and sometimes the pressure becomes too hard to handle. At times like this the expert advice of someone can be life changing and highly beneficial so contact him for his famous Indian astrology services in Melbourne today and bad bid farewell to all your problems permanently.